Investment Analysis Portfolio Management

Advanced PGDBA Program Specialization

Investment Analysis Portfolio Management
PGDBA Program


The goal of this course is to present the instinct and ideas of Investment investigation and portfolio administration. Two expansive choices have been taken by any financial specialists: portion of the aggregate interest in accessible resource classes and how to choose the benefits inside resource classes for speculation



1-over view abroad map of territory

2-investment alternative.

3-mutual funds; indirect investing .

4-securities market; the battlefield.


Basic concepts and methods

5-risk and returns; two side of investment coin

6-time value of money; the magic of compounding

7-financial statement analysis; the information maze


Modern portfolio theory

8-portfolio theory; the benefits of diversification.

9-capital asset pricing and RB trade pricing theory

10-efficient market hypothesis; he collective wisdom

11-behavior in finance irrational influences


sixth income security.

12-bond prices and yields; figuring out the assured returns

13-bond port folio management; the passive and active stances.


Equity shares

1-equity valuation; how to find your bearings

2-macro economics and industry analysis; understanding the broad picture

3-company analysis; establishing the value bench mark.

4-technical analysis; the visual clue




1-options; the upside without the downside



Portfolio management


1-portfolio management framework; the grand design.

2-guidelines for investment decisions, what it all comes to.

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