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Core Values - NIMS


NIMS pursue excellence in all of its actions: Research, Scholarship, Events, and services.

Wisdom of Entrepreneurship:

THE community can expect the Institute to play in distance education an active role in encouraging a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. It wishes to be a central meeting place for entrepreneurs and researchers to discuss a unifying theme.
Internally as well, the Institute creates an environment that encourages innovation. In order to realize this, employees are given the necessary freedom and means to develop breakthrough innovations, MBA in distance education which may arise from individual creative minds and talents as well as from effective teamwork.

Integrity and independence:

NIMS is convinced that integrity is a fundamental value for every organization as well as for that organization’s management. The community can expect in the Distance Education Institute to contribute to the development of an ethical conscience in all its activities and in its relationship with all its stakeholders. To achieve this, we pay particular attention to the social responsibility of managers and organizations. As a scientific institution, for example, we actively take part in the debate on corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility.
We have built the theme of Integrity and Autonomy in our course activities. You should clearly sense that we acknowledge and apply a logical and open value system in every contact with The Distance Education Institute. Freedom of expression is of vital importance for an academic institution like ours we stay connected with our students whenever they have need.
NIMS cherishes its independent position and approaches its environment in an objective and impartial manner.

Preparing for a challenging tomorrow:

The 21st Century brings with it, the most dynamic environment. At NIMS, we leverage the competency of technology and content to prepare for the challenges head on tomorrow in Distance Education.


NIMS (Distance Education Institute) added value can be found in the productive interaction between scientific knowledge and practical management experience. Students will find The MBA Distance Education Institute a professional partner for discussion and will be able to further develop their own ability to synthesis during meaningful dialogues with the institution and fellow students. They can rely on the School fulfilling its role as watchdog with regard to new management theories and concepts, as well as to the best practices from within the corporate world.
The School commits itself to synthesizing its research and training activities and to developing forward-looking and relevant management models. An interdisciplinary approach is essential for this.

Diversity and Creativity:

NIMS Distance Education Institute respect individuality and self freedom. For its part, the School wants to guarantee its clients an environment that respects and promotes diversity. This should increase their ability to deal with variety. We encourage and recognize creativity and innovations through critical and out of the box thinking.

Customer Engagement:

Students, participants, organizations and the community can rely on the School to take their desires and needs as a basis for the development of educational programs and the definition and execution of research projects.
Empathy for the student is the fundamental attitude of the School’s staff members.
These Values are applied to our training and research programs, to the internal activities and behavior of our employees, and to everything that we do: We apply internally what we teach as part of our programs in Distance Education Institute.


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