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MBA Course in Pharmacology Management

Pharmacology is all about studying the impact of drugs and medicines on living creatures and it is the fastest growing sector in all over world opening ample opportunities in the field of teaching as well as research. The professionals of this field are in great demand and they are often involved in drug trials to monitor the safety and efficacy of these. An MBA course in pharmacology will make you able to build your career in the various domains of the industry by enhancing your managerial skills so that you could take the complex decisions required for the growth of the company. MBA course in pharmacology is the combination of the study of basic sciences with the management and marketing studies. You will become prepared for the managerial positions in the various organizations and also your skills in planning and operating management techniques will be developed. The job opportunities are very vast in both government and private sectors. Several companies are ready to hire the professionals of this field at huge salaries and it is a fact that this field was growing and remains unaffected even in the recession. Some reputed recruiters are that of Central warehousing, Dabur India Ltd, Ranbaxy and etc. The other benefits of this course are the following:

  • You can start your career with the job profiles of sales managers, drug distribution manager, market researcher and drug developer, quality assurance manager, pharmaceuticals distributor and etc.
  • If you are willing to join public sector then the companies like Indian drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Rajasthan Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Bengal chemical, and pharmaceuticals Ltd and etc are ready to provide you the job of your interest.
  • Among the other posts, you may be appointed as general manager, deputy general manager, regional manager, consultant and etc.

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