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MBA Course in Advertising Management

Advertising is all about conveying messages and persuading people about commercial products and services however sometimes advertisements are made to draw attention towards social issues. Advertising serves multiple purposes for the industries by creating demand for products, promoting marketing system, bringing awareness, building the image of the organization, helping middlemen and etc. Nowadays, advertising is a very lucrative career opening ample job opportunities for the qualified candidates. An MBA course in advertising management helps candidates to enhance their skills and abilities to excel in this field by giving them exposure to the practical requirements of this industry. Among the various subjects that will be covered is that of special skill for advertising, soft skills for advertising, media management, media study basics, financial accounting, film, and TV production, programme management, brand management and etc. The other aspects of this course are the following:

  • The various job profiles you have to work under are that of brand managers, advertising managers, media strategists, copywriters, creative directors, marketing manager and etc.
  • This industry has vast opportunities and one can get the jobs in various industries such as ad agencies, TV channels, newspaper agencies, journals, magazines, commercial section of TV and etc.
  • Some of the big names of advertising that are ready to provide you the jobs are Hindustan Thomson associates, McCann Erickson, Leo Burnett, Ogivly&Mather LTD, and etc.

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