Clinical Research Management
DBA Program


Clinical research is a branch of social insurance science that decides the wellbeing and adequacy (viability) of drugs, gadgets, analytic items and treatment regimens planned for human utilize. These might be utilized for counteractive action, treatment, conclusion or for soothing indications of an illness.


1. A Concept of Research.

2. The Role of Theory in Clinical Research.

3. Ethical Issues in Clinical Research.



4. Principles of Measurement.

5. Reliability.

6. Validity of Measurements.



7. The Research Question.

8. Sampling.

9. Experimental Control.

10. Experimental Design.

11. Sequential Clinical Trials.

12. Single-Subject Designs.

13. Descriptive and Exploratory Research.

14. Surveys.

15. Epidemiologist.

16. Other Research Approaches.



17. Descriptive Statistics and Measures of Variability.

18. Statistical Inference.

19. The t-Test.

20. Analysis of Variance.

21. Multiple Comparison Tests.

22. Nonparametric Tests for Group Comparisons.

23. Correlation.

24. Regression.

25. Analysis of Frequencies: Chi-Square.

26. Statistical Measures of Reliability.

27. Multivariate Analysis.

28. Data Management.



29. Writing a Research Proposal.

30. Reporting the Results of Clinical Research.

31. Evaluating Research Reports.



A. Statistical Tables.

B. Summary of Statistical Procedures.

C. Power and Sample Size.

D. Transformation of Data.

E. Sample Informed Consent Form.

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