Shipping Management
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At the point when a ship is bought for bringing in and sending out products, a ship administration group is required to keep up and work the vessels. The capacity of the administration group is to give the proprietor bolster all through the inhabitancy or contract of the vessel. Vessels can go in sizes and capacity.


Most administration organizations give the proprietor or administrator with the group on board. At the point when the ship leaves the shipyard (where the ship is constructed), the administration organization takes it over giving specialized help to the proprietor. Most Management organizations additionally offer different administrations like investigation before buy, supervision amid building, group administration and supply and ship lay-up arrangements.

  • The shipping company
  • The shipowner and Merchant
  • The Merchant shipper
  • Limitation of Ship owner’s Liability
  • Bills of Lading
  • Carriage of goods by sea act  1971
  • Chartering and Charter – Parties
  • Freight
  • Liens
  • General Average
  • The Master
  • The crew
  • Recent Legislation
  • The Ship
  • Lloyd’s Register of shipping
  • Ownership, Sale, and Purchase of vessels
  • Ships paper and procedure of Ship’s Entering and Leaving Port
  • Voyage Estimates
  • Distances
  • Containerization
  • Cargoes, Stowage of cargo and cargo information
  • Hazardous cargo and pollution
  • Agents and Agency
  • Protection and Indemnity clubs
  • Arbitration

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