Pathological Lab Management
BBA Program


Pathology Lab, Hospital Lab Management Software, Lab Management Software is finished answer for Diagnostic Lab, PathologyReporting, XRAY, and USG Reports. ... It is reasonable for any sort of pathology research facility or Diagnostic Center.

Chapter 1            Introduction

Chapter 2            Disease And Pathological Process

Chapter 3            Structure Of Normal Cell And Connective Tissues

Chapter 4            Injuries Caused By Chemical And Physical Agents

Chapter 5            Fever

Chapter 6            Inflammation

Chapter 7            Repair/ Healing/ Regeneration

Chapter 8            Specific Infective Granulomas

Chapter 9            Retrograde Changes

Chapter 10          Disturbances Of Circulation

Chapter 11          Errors Of Metabolism

Chapter 12          Nutritional Disorder

Chapter 13          Disturbances Of Growth

Chapter 14          Cancer Chemotherapy

Chapter 15          Embryological Pathology


Part Ii- Special Pathology


Chapter 16          The Cardiovascular System

Chapter 17          The Respiratory System

Chapter 18          Digestive System

Chapter 19          Liver And Gall Bladder

Chapter 20          Diseases Of The Urinary System

Chapter 21          Modern Concepts Of Kidney Diseases

Chapter 22          Glomerulonephritis (Gn) And Acute Gn

Chapter 23          Tubular Diseases

Chapter 24          The Male Reproductive System

Chapter 25          The Female Reproductive System

Chapter 26          Infertility And Sterility

Chapter 27          Blood And Blood-Forming Organs

Chapter 28          Spleen and lymph nodes

Chapter 29          Endocrine Diseases Of The Ductless Glands

Chapter 30         Endocrine Diseases (Modern Concepts)

Chapter 31          Breast

Chapter 32          Nervous System

Chapter 33          The Bones

Chapter 34          The Joints


Part Iii – Genetics And Immunology


Chapter 35          The Muscles, Tendons, And Bursae

Chapter 36          Genetic Diseases

Chapter 37 Immunity And Immunology

Chapter 38 Immunochemistry

Chapter 39 Immunobiology

Chapter 40 Immunopathology

Chapter 41 Transplantation Immunology

Chapter 42          Aids

Chapter 43         Hla And Diseases

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