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Material Management is an approach for arranging, sorting out, and controlling every one of those exercises essentially worried about the stream of materials into an association.

Materials Management can manage grounds arranging and building plan for the development of materials, or with coordination that arrangement with the substantial parts of an inventory network. In particular, this covers the procurement of extra parts and substitutions, quality controlof obtaining and requesting such parts, and the models engaged with requesting, dispatching, and warehousing the said parts. Materials administration is the capacity in charge of the coordination of arranging, sourcing, buying, moving, putting away and controlling materials in an ideal way with a specific end goal to give a pre chosen administration to the client at any rate cost.

1. Introduction to Materials Management.

Operating Environment.The Supply Chain Concept. What Is Materials Management? Supply Chain Metrics.


2. Production Planning System.

Manufacturing Planning and Control System.Sales and Operations Planning (SOP).Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II).Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).Making the Production Plan.


3. Master Scheduling.

Relationship to Production Plan.Developing a Master Production Schedule. Production Planning, Master Scheduling, and Sales.


4. Material Requirements Planning.

Bills of Material.Material Requirements Planning Process.Using the Material Requirements Plan.


5. Capacity Management.

Definition of Capacity.Capacity Planning.Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP).Capacity Available. Capacity Required (Load). Schedule Orders. Making the Plan.


6. Production Activity Control.

Data Requirements. Order Preparation. Scheduling.Load Leveling.Scheduling Bottlenecks.Theory of Constraints and Drum-Buffer-Rope.Implementation.Control.Production Reporting.


7. Purchasing.

Establishing Specifications.Functional Specification Description.Selecting Suppliers.Price Determination.Impact of Material Requirements Planning on Purchasing, Vendor-Managed Inventory, Organizational Implications of Supply Chain Management.


8. Forecasting.

Demand Management. Demand Forecasting.Characteristics of Demand.Principles of Forecasting.Collection and Preparation of Data.Forecasting Techniques.Some Important Intrinsic Techniques.Seasonality.Tracking the Forecast.


9. Inventory Fundamentals.

Aggregate Inventory Management.Item Inventory Management.Inventory and the Flow of Material.Supply and Demand Patterns.Functions of Inventory Management.Inventory Costs.Financial Statements and Inventory.Methods of Evaluating Inventory, ABC Inventory Control.


10. Order Quantities.

Economic-Order Quantity (EOQ).Variations of the EOQ Model. Quantity Discounts. Use of EOQ When Costs are Not Known. Period-Order Quantity (POQ).


11. Independent Demand Ordering Systems.

Order Point System. Determining Safety Stock.Determining Service Levels.Different Forecast and Lead-Time Intervals. Determining When the Order Point is Reached. Periodic Review System.Distribution Inventory.


12. Physical Inventory and Warehouse Management.

Warehouse Management.Physical Control and Security.Inventory Record Accuracy.


13. Physical Distribution.

Physical Distribution System.Interfaces.Transportation.Legal Types of Carriage. Transportation Cost Elements. Warehousing.Packaging.Materials Handling.Multi-Warehouse Systems.


14. Products and Processes.

Need for New Products.Product Development Principles.Product Specification and Design.Process Design.Factors Specification and Design.Processing Equipment.Process Systems.Selecting the Process.Continuous Process Improvement (CPI).


15. Just-In-Time Manufacturing.

Just-In-Time Philosophy.Waste.Just-in-Time Environment. Manufacturing Planning and Control in a JIT Environment. Lean Production. Which to Choose-MPR (ERP), Kanban, or Theory of Constraints?

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