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Mass Communication is the investigation of how individuals trade data through broad communications to extensive fragments of the populace in the meantime. At the end of the day, mass communication alludes to the bestowing and trading of data on a vast scale to an extensive variety of individuals. It is typically comprehended to relate daily paper, magazine, and bookpublishing, and radio, TV and film, even through web as these mediums are utilized for scattering data, news and promoting. Mass correspondence contrasts from the investigations of different types of correspondence, for example, relational correspondence or hierarchical correspondence, in that it concentrates on a solitary source transmitting data to countless. The investigation of mass communication is predominantly worried about how the substance of mass communication convinces or generally influences the conduct, state of mind, assessment, or feeling of the individual or individuals getting the data

.1.          Mass Communication - Meaning, definitions, characteristics and features

2.    Functions of mass communication

3.    Mass Communication and mass culture

4.    Normative Theories of press

a. Authoritarian Theory

b. Libertarian Theory

c. Soviet Communist Theory

d. Social Responsibility Theory

e. Other Theories: Development Media theory & Democratic Participant Media Theory

5.    Impact/influence of mass media

6.    Social Influence or Identification Theory


[Principles of Design & Graphics]                                                                             

1.    Concept and theory of Design and Graphics

2.    Basic elements and principles of graphics

3.    Design and layout


[Printing & Typography]                                                                                               

1.    Typography : Physical form, aesthetics and function, fonts

2.    Printing methods - Letter press, cylinder, Rotary Gravure Screen, Offset, Plate making

3.    Printing paper - Kinds, varieties, sizes, calculation, making choices

4.    Printing process - Prepress, on press , Post press


[Visuals and colours]                                                                                     

1.    Visuals : Physical forms, function, editing

2.    Colour : Physical forms, psychology, colour scheme and production

3.    Magazine layout, pagination, designing various parts

4.    Layout of broadsheet and tabloid


[DTP & Multimedia]                                                                                                       

1.    Computer Mediated Design: An overview

2.   Multi media: Characteristics and function 

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