Intellectual Property Rights
BBA Program


Chapter 1                 Introduction

Chapter 2 How to Obtain a Patent

Chapter 3 Product Patents in respect of Medicine and Drug

Chapter 4 Specification

Chapter 5 Opposition to Grant of Patent

Chapter 6 Register of Patents and Patent Office

Chapter 7 Rights and Obligations of a Patentee

Chapter 8 Transfer of Patent Rights

Chapter 9 Compulsory Licences, Licences of Right & Revocation for Non- working

Chapter 10              Government use of Inventions

Chapter 11              Revocation and Surrender of Patents

Chapter 11              Revocation and Surrender of Patents – continued

Chapter 12              Infringement of Patents

Chapter 13              Threat of Infringement Proceedings

Chapter 14              Offences and Penalties and Miscellaneous Matters

Chapter 15              The Patents (Amendment) Act 2002

Chapter 16              Industrial Designs

Chapter 17              Introduction

Chapter 18              Trade Marks Registry and Register of Trade Marks

Chapter 19              Property in a Trade Mark and Registration of Trade Marks

Chapter 20 Similar, Near Resemblance and Deceptively Similar

Chapter 21              Assignment and Transmission

Chapter 22              Licensing of Trade Marks and Registered Users

Chapter 23              Rectification of Register

Chapter 24              Infringement, Threat and Trade Libel

Chapter 25              Goodwill

Chapter 26              Passing off

Chapter 27 Offences and Penalties

Chapter 28              Miscellaneous Matters

Chapter 29              Introduction

Chapter30                Nature of Copyright

Chapter 31 Subject- matter of Copyright

Chapter 32              Term of copy right

Chapter 33              Author and Ownership of Copyright

Chapter 34 Rights Conferred by Copyright

Chapter 35              Rights of Broadcasting Organizations

Chapter 36 Assignment, Transmission and Relinquishment of Copyright

Chapter 37 Licences

Chapter 38              Publication and Public

Chapter 39              Infringement of Copyright

Chapter 40              Remedies against Infringement of Copyright

Chapter 41              International Copyright

Chapter 42              Copyright Societies

Chapter 43              Copyright Office, Copyright Board, Registration of Copyright & Appeals

Chapter 44              Confidential Information, Breach of Confidence & Know-how

Chapter 45              New Bills/Acts relating to Intellectual Property

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