Corporate Training
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Corporate Education refers to a system of professional development activities provided to educate employees. The simplest form of corporate education may be training programs designed "in-house" for an organization that may wish to train their employees on specific aspects of their job processes or responsibilities

Pt. 1

Concepts, Principles, Guidelines, and Techniques

Evaluating: Part of a Ten-Step Process

Reasons for Evaluating

The Four Levels: An Overview

Evaluating Reaction

Evaluating Learning

Evaluating Behavior

Evaluating Results

Implementing the Four Levels


Pt. 2

Case Studies of Implementation

Making a Play for Training Evaluation: Montac, A Fictitious Company

Balancing Your Evaluation Act

Evaluating a Training Program for Nonexempt Employees: First Union National Bank

Evaluating a Training Course on Performance Appraisal and Coaching: Kemper National Insurance Companies

Evaluating a Training Program on Presentation Skills: Arthur Andersen & Company

Evaluating a Training Program on Developing Supervisory Skills: Management Institute, University of Wisconsin

Evaluating a Leadership Training Program: Gap Inc

Evaluating a Training Program on Problem Solving: City of Los Angeles

Evaluating a Corporate-wide Performance Improvement System: Intel Corporation

Evaluating an Outdoor-Based Training Program - a Search for Results: St. Lukes Hospital

Evaluating a Safety Training Program for Managers: Fluor Daniel Hanford, Inc

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