Charted Finance Management
BBA Program



Part-I Overview


1.      Introduction to Corporate Finance

2.      Accounting Statements and Cash Flow

3.      Financial Planning and Growth


Part-II Value and Capital Budgeting


4.        Net Presents Value

5.        How to Value Bonds and Stocks

6.        Some Alternative Investment Rules

7.        Net Presents Value and Capital Budgeting

8.        Risk Analysis, Real Options, and Capital Budgeting


Part-III Risk


9.        Capital Market Theory

10.    Return and Risk the Capital Assets Pricing Model

11.    An Alternative View of Risk and Return: The Arbitrage Pricing Theory

12.    Risk Cost of Capital, and Capital Budgeting


Part-IV Capital Structure and Dividend Policy


13.    Corporate Financing Decisions and Efficient Capital Markets

14.    Long Term Financing

15.    Capital Structure: Basic Concepts

16.    Capital Structure: Limits of the Use Of Debt

17.    Valuation and Capital Budgeting for the Levered Firm

18.    Dividends and Other Payouts


Part V Long Term Financing


19.    Issuing Securities to the Public

20.    Long Term Debt

21.    Leasing


Part VI Options, Future, and Corporate Finance


22.    Options and Corporate Finance: Basic Concepts

23.    Options an Corporate Finance: Extensions and Applications

24.    Warrants and Convertibles

25.    Derivatives and Hedging Risk


Part VII Sort Term Finance


26.    Short Term Finance and Planning

27.    Cash Management

28.    Credit Management


Part VIII Special Topics


29.    Mergers and Acquisitions

30.    Financial Distress

31.    International Corporate Finance

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