About NIMS Exams

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About NIMS Exams

The student are assessed based on work and examination for every program. NIMS works with the philosophy that the three-hour class room examination system is old fashioned as it only puts additional stress on students.
As soon as the students are ready to take the exams they are required to call the institute for question papers which are to be answered from the comfort of their homes. The candidates are required to submit the answers within the prescribed time limit to the institute through courier / speed post / online.
If the student wants to change their schedule of examination by opting other date/month – other than what is applied in the application [ Examination Month ] then he/she has to pay additional charges of Rs 2500.

NIMS Examination Procedure

Case Study Based Examination

Student opting for Examinations by post in terms of their course curriculum, are required to register their request with the Institute. We provide question papers and answer sheet to be submitted by the prescribed date. Student should ensure that answersheet reaches the institute before prescribed date.

Online Examination

Here at NIMS, We offer you conduct all your exams on our Advanced Online Exam Portal where you can give all your exams in form multiple choice questions. All Subject has 50 Question of 2 marks each without any negetive marking.

Center Based Examination

Student seeking examination through Center are required to carry their Enrolment No./ID to the Center. Exams of all courses is normally held at Delhi /Sonipat Center. In such a case – student are not permitted to carry any reference books/reading material to the center.

NIMS Examination Grade

The passing certificate with grades and the mark list will be sent to the students after obtaining an overall Pass in the examination.
Minimum Marks to pass in each paper : 40%
Minimum Marks to pass Overall (Aggregate) : 50%

NIMS Examination Result

Examination results will be declared within 30-45 working days & certificate will be issued within 60 working days from the last examination date.

Important Information

Students will be given the opportunity for Re-examination if they happen to fail. A fee of Rs. 500 per subject will be charged for each re-examination.
If Students lost their certificate the re-issue charge will be Rs 2000.


E: 405/2015-CO/L | M: 406/2015-CO/L

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